Coach Training

Comprehensive Leadership for Youth Coaches

The SoCal High School Cycling League’s annual Coach Training sessions bring together coaches, assistant coaches, ride leaders, and parent volunteers—both new and experienced—to develop skills and knowledge, share strategies, and build community. These sessions promote a holistic approach to coaching that creates an environment in which young people can grow and thrive. This is a great opportunity to spend time in the company of peers and energize for the upcoming season and it’s a core component of the NICA Coach License Program.

Program Revisions for 2016-17!

We know licensed coaches are the KEY to safe and cohesive programs which give student-athletes the best experiences. We also know that coaches are VOLUNTEERS. As the SoCal League grows we want to do everything we can to lower the barriers of entry to obtaining a NICA Coach License. NICA and its member leagues rolled out a revised Coach Licensing program in October 2016 so we are taking the opportunity to reduce the costs and expand the opportunities for training this year.

Coach Training is traditionally a two day weekend class with one day dedicated to classroom style seminars and the other day dedicated to skills training. This year the SoCal League is offering two “traditional” seminar days as well as a three evening “online” seminar offering. Additionally, we are offering two “traditional” skills training days on the same weekends as the “traditional” seminar days as well as offering one weekend that has two separate skills training days. We hope that this blend of offerings will allow the highest number of new coaches to come through the program with the most flexibility possible.

Finally, we believe we’ve finally reached the point where we can dramatically reduce the price of training. Each skills training day will be $50 and each seminar day (or the online option) will be $25. This year, if you complete your seminar day, we will apply your *$25 seminar day payment to your annual NICA Coach License fee (which happens to be $25).

Coaching Seminars

This day of training is required for a NICA Level 3 license which allows a coach to fill roles up to and including Head Coach. Following are some of the topics that might be covered during Coaching Seminar day:

  • Engaging and Motivating Adolescents & Retaining Girls
  • NICA Rulebook
  • Race Day: Support, Structure, & Success
  • Creating a Holistic Training Program for Student-Athletes
  • Getting to “Yes” with School Administrators
  • Creating a Strong Team/Parent Community
  • Care and Feeding of High School Team Sponsors
  • NICA Pit Zone
  • Teen Trail Corps

MTB Skills for Coaches

This day of training is required for NICA Level 2 & 3 licenses. This clinic offers coaches the opportunity to learn the progressive steps needed to teach anyone (even yourself) both basic and advanced mountain biking skills. You will also learn about experiential teaching techniques, how to accommodate different learning styles, and how to create a positive learning environment for young riders. The majority of this clinic will be held outdoors, so please bring your bike and appropriate riding and safety gear for the weather.

If link is active registration is open for that section!

*** If you are registering more than one person for a class please email and let us know the first and last names of those who you registered***

***Each one day class is its own registration. If you intend to register for a weekend (Saturday/Sunday) you must register for each day (Seminars and Skills) individually. This allows you the flexibility to pick one day at one location and a second day at a different location.***

Sep 10: Leaders’ Summit (Seminars), Vail Lake, Temecula thanks for coming!

Sep 11: Leaders’ Summit (MTB Skills for Coaches), Vail Lake, Temecula thanks for coming!

Oct 15: Leaders’ Summit (MTB Skills for Coaches), Westlake Village thanks for coming!

Oct 16: Leaders’ Summit (Seminars), Westlake Village thanks for coming!

Nov 15-17: (2.5 hours per night): Leaders’ Summit (Seminars), ONLINE thanks for coming!

Dec 10: Skills Training for Coaches, thanks for coming!

Dec 11: Skills Training for Coaches, thanks for coming!

Jan 10-12: (2.5 hours per night): Leaders’ Summit (Seminars), ONLINE

For questions about the Leaders’ Summit please contact



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