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Coach Training Schedule for the Spring 2022 Season

Meeting the requirements for a Level 1 Coach License is done online in a minimal amount of time with no additional online or in person training. However, a Level 1 Coach License holder should not be running practice or building a training plan. A Level 1 Coach License holder is simply there to ensure minimal coach/rider ratios under the guidance of a Level 2 or 3 licensed Coach. The SoCal League is doing everything possible to make training inexpensive and convenient because we believe ALL Coaches should earn and maintain at least a Level 2 License and we hope ALL Coaches will earn and maintain a Level 3 License!

If you would like to review the requirement to earning and maintaining a NICA Coach License please look at the NICA Coach License Program page.

Teams (or groups of teams in an area) can now schedule On The Bike Skills 101, On The Bike Skills 201 and NICA Approved First Aid/ CPR training in their area! Team Directors should email League Director Emeritus Matt Gunnell at to learn how to do this!

Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom to find all of the SoCal specific options!

NICA Leaders’ Summit

The NICA Coach Licensing Staff is offering another round of live, online leader summit sessions so that you can get the necessary core requirements for your level 3 coach license or the continuing education units needed to maintain your current coach license. These sessions will be offered in January and February at varying dates and times to accommodate your busy schedules.  Please see below for details about the online leader summit program:

  • Online leader summits will be held live via Zoom video conference.
  • Sessions will be presented by NICA Coach Licensing staff.
  • They will consist of the 5 Core Required sessions to get your Coach License Level 3 or count as CEUs to maintain your current license level 2 or 3.
  • Sessions will be offered in 5 one hour sessions on weekdays every other week.  Times will stagger each week to accommodate your varying needs and different time zones
    • OR—  You can complete all 5 sessions in one 7 hour block (includes breaks) on a Saturday if you’d like to get them all done at once.
  • Click on the following google calendar to see the full schedule of sessions. Click on a day for the link to registration.
    • NICA Online Leader Summit Sessions Schedule– REGISTER.
    • Important note:  The online google calendar will adjust to your time zone.  Once you click on a registration link and are taken into the Zoom registration, the time is displayed in Eastern Time.
  • Pre-registration is required to attend each online leader summit session:
    • Registration links are available as a link in each session on the google calendar
    • Please register for each session individually.  If you register for a Monday session at the beginning of the week, you are NOT automatically enrolled in the rest of the week!
    • Basic Zoom accounts are free, but you do NOT need one to attend an online meeting.  If you have one, feel free to use it if you want.
    • Please use your full name when registering and logging in to all of your sessions, so we can properly give credit for participation.
    • Each session will be limited to 100 participants on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    • If you intend to participate with a group of coaches, please register individually so we can give you proper credit for attending.
    • Once all 5 sessions are completed, you will automatically be sent an email with your certificate of completion.  You can then upload your certificate to your PitZone profile.
    • You don’t have to attend all 5 sessions to get CEU credits.  You will still receive credit for the number of sessions you attended.  Please email Mike McGarry at when you’re finished with your sessions; he will email you a certificate for the CEUs based on the number of sessions you’ve attended.
      • For example, you are a Level 2 coach and only need 3 CEUs.  You can attend 3 of the hour-long weekday sessions as your schedule allows.  Let Mike know via email and he’ll send you a certificate with 3 CEUs for you to upload in PitZone.
  • Please direct all questions regarding this program to Mike McGarry at

On-The-Bike Skills  for Coaches

Skills 101 is a 3 hour class that MUST be completed one time to earn a Level 2 or 3 license. This class MAY be repeated for CEUs. Skills 201 is a 3 hour class that builds on Skills 101 and is worth CEUs. These clinics offer coaches the opportunity to learn the progressive steps needed to teach anyone basic mountain biking skills. You will also learn about experiential teaching techniques, how to accommodate different learning styles, and how to create a positive learning environment for young riders. The majority of this clinic will be held outdoors, so please bring your bike and appropriate riding and safety gear for the weather.

Scheduled On The Bike Skills 101 Courses in SoCal:

  • 8/29/21, Sunday morning in Temecula. COMPLETED
  • 10/24/21, Sunday morning in La Canada. COMPLETED
  • 10/30/21, Saturday morning in North San Diego County. REGISTER
  • 10/30/21, Saturday AFTERNOON in North San Diego County. REGISTER
  • 11/06/21, Saturday morning in Carlsbad. FULL
  • 11/06/21, Saturday morning in Tehachapi. REGISTER
  • 11/14/21, Sunday morning in Yucaipa. REGISTER
  • 11/20/21, Saturday morning in Santa Maria. REGISTER
  • 12/12/21, Sunday morning in Orange County. FULL

Scheduled On The Bike Skills 201 Courses in SoCal:

  • 10/24/21, Sunday afternoon in La Canada. COMPLETED
  • 11/06/21, Saturday afternoon in Carlsbad. FULL
  • 11/06/21, Saturday afternoon in Tehachapi. REGISTER
  • 11/20/21, Saturday afternoon in Santa Maria. REGISTER
  • 11/14/21, Saturday afternoon in Yucaipa. REGISTER
  • 12/12/21, Sunday afternoon in Orange County. FULL

Completing Skills 101 is a prerequisite. You MAY complete 101 in the morning and 201 in the afternoon on the same day.

NICA Approved First Aid + CPR

NICA requires completion and current certification of a first aid component for all Level 2 and 3 licenses. NICA allows coaches who practice less than 60 minutes from “definitive care” (paramedic response) to earn a Level 2 or 3 license by completing a NICA approved first aid course which can be completed (with CPR) in one day***. A NICA approved first aid course is a Basic First Aid level course certified by a widely recognized certifying agency (ie: AAOS, Red Cross, AMA) to which several NICA specific items have been added. These items include:

  • Scenarios tailored specifically to mountain bike related injuries,
  • Training scenarios and examples specific to coaches managing groups of teen aged student-athletes while engaged in first aid situations,
  • Pre-planning practices so you have to use your first aid training as little as possible (ingress and egress, maps, knowing the area, radios and cell phones, equipment, clothing, food and hydration)

*** Coaches whose teams practice more than 60 minutes from “definitive care” must still hold a valid Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification (or above) to obtain a Level 2 or 3 license.

For more information on NICA First Aid requirements and which is appropriate for your license please look HERE.

If you see a class posted below and want to be added email the instructor directly asking to be added to the specific class. He will provide you with payment information ($100 paid directly to the instructor), online class access information, and the address and your time for practical testing on the date noted OR register you for the all in person class. Once you pay for the class you will have until the practical test date to complete the online portion of the class. After completing the online class AND the practical test you will be provided with a certificate you can upload on the License Status page of your license profile.

Scheduled NICA Approved First Aid/ CPR Courses in SoCal:
  • 10/16/21, Saturday in Chula Vista. COMPLETED
  • 10/17/21, Sunday in Vista. COMPLETED
  • 10/23/21, Saturday in Arcadia. COMPLETED
  • 10/30/21, Saturday in Temecula. Email and tell Zsolt you want to register for this course. 6 hours online then a 2 hour in person class.
  • 10/31/21, Sunday in Newbury Park. Email and tell Zsolt you want to register for this course. 6 hours online then a 2 hour in person class.
  • 11/13/21, Saturday in Yucaipa. Email and tell Zsolt you want to register for this course. 6 hours online then a 2 hour in person class.
  • 11/14/21, Sunday in Murrieta. Email and tell Zsolt you want to register for this course. 6 hours online then a 2 hour in person class.
  • 11/14/21, Sunday in Santa Barbara. Email and tell Michael you want to register for this course. 8 hour in person class.
  • 11/20/21, Saturday in Tehachapi. Email and tell Michael you want to register for this course. 8 hour in person class.
  • 11/21/21, Sunday in Santa Maria. Email and tell Zsolt you want to register for this course. 6 hours online then a 2 hour in person class.
  • 12/12/21, Sunday in Coachella Valley. Registration opens 10/28