2010 Results

If there are problems with the results or other scoring issues contact Erik Trogden at [et-at-turnerbikes-dot-com].

Problems must be reported within 48 hours of posting preliminary results.

Thank you for your patience — we work hard to get it right.

Erik, Paul, and Kathy working hard at Vail Lake (2010).

03/04/2010 Vail Lake Challenge (Temecula)

Team ResultsIndividual Results

03/28/2010 Warner Ranch Roundup (Warner Springs)

Team ResultsIndividual ResultsOverall TeamOverall Individual

04/11/2010 Lake Arrowhead Challenge (Lake Arrowhead)

Team ResultsIndividual ResultsOverall TeamOverall Individual

05/02/2010 Cow Pie Classic (Los Olivos)

Team ResultsIndividual ResultsFinal SoCal Overall TeamFinal SoCal Overall Individual

05/16/2010 State Championships (Grass Valley)

Team ResultsIndividual Results

2010 Overall Team Standings

2010 Overall Individual Standings

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