SoCal GRiT Program

What is GRiT? Girls Riding Together. Why GRiT? To ensure that girls know that the sport of mountain biking is a sport for EVERYONE!

For too long there has been a misconception — often pushed along by clumsy marketing — that mountain biking is a sport predominantly for boys. This couldn’t be further from the truth! The fact is that anyone with a modest sense of adventure can be a mountain biker. TheĀ SoCal GRiT program aims to get #MoreGirlsOnBikes by creating an extended community of girls (grades 6-12) and female coaches from across SoCal to support each other as they grow as mountain bikers. We do this through a combination of GRiT Ambassadors, GRiT Gatherings, GRiT Tent activities at races, visibility through GRiT Kit and marketing material, and ice cream. LOTS OF ICE CREAM!

Find out about SoCal League GRiT events HERE