Donor Paceline

Our growth and sustainability have always been fueled heavily by the generous and passionate members within our community.  Thank you for helping us continue our work with youth in this healthy life-long sport.

Updated November 2015 to reflect donations beginning in 2014. Founding donors are honored with a perpetual spot on the paceline.


Dr. John Gunnell

Jonathan Kaye

The Boeing Company: Brian Emter, Michael Jones, Roscoe Litchard

World Champion

Jonathan Kaye Scholarship Fund 2016
Mountain Bike Action Magazine  Share the Ride 2015
National Christian Foundation of California 201620152014, 2013
Bike for Bender Summer Camp 2015 Scholarship Fund
Jonathan Kaye Scholarship Fund 2015, 2014
Disney EARS to You Fund, 2014, 2013
Pasadena Athletic Association 2014, 2013, 2012 Scholarship Fund
Rob McGee 2014 Scholarship Fund

World Cup

David Lansing Share the Ride 2015
Jennifer & Davin Uurtamo 2015 Scholarship Fund
Preston Hayes 2015 Scholarship Fund
RE/MAX-The Loeffler Team 2014 Scholarship Fund
CORBA 2014 Scholarship Fund


Cindy Orr Share the Ride 2015
Heath Gregory 2015
Mike Dunn 2015
Lockheed Martin c/o Jim Winner 2015 
Brian Lopes 2014 Scholarship Fund
SHARE 2014 Scholarship Fund
Wes Reutimann 2014 Scholarship Fund

Cross Country

The Bike Shop Temecula 2015
Stan Ford 2015
Dylan Gradhandt Share the Ride 2015
Jim Winner Share the Ride 2015
Jim Hasenauer Share the Ride 2015
Sure Flow Seamless Rain Gutters 2015
Cindy Orr 2015
Wesley Reutimann 2015
MJ’s Cyclery Scholarship Fund 2015
Jason Ranoa Scholarship Fund 2015
Morgan Rooney Scholarship Fund 2015
Jim Hasenauer 2014
David and Marie Elizabeth 2014
Redding Scholarship Fund 2014
Heather Oberly and Scott Armstrong Scholarship Fund 2014
Brian and Connie Emter Scholarship Fund 2014
Jeff Thompson Scholarship Fund 2014
Boulevard Pediatrics Scholarship Fund 2014
Roger Hernandez Scholarship Fund 2014
Michael Parks Scholarship Fund 2014
Carol Pettegrew-Standel Scholarship Fund 2014
Brandon Larue Scholarship Fund 2014
Andres DiStefano Scholarship Fund 2014
Steve Cappos Scholarship Fund 2014
Lorna Lopez Scholarship Fund 2014

Short Track

Amy Call 2015
Jose Gonzalez 2015
Sharon Hartz Share the Ride 2015
Laurel Wennerstrom Share the Ride 2015
Jim Borchard Share the Ride 2015
Tom Emick Share the Ride 2015
Bryan Calderwood Share the Ride 2015
Alice Gordon Share the Ride 2015
Deborah Traw Share the Ride 2015
Michael McPherson Share the Ride 2015
Cristy Taylor Share the Ride 2015
Brandon La Rue Scholarship Fund 2015
Mitchell Velazquez Scholarship Fund 2015
Atif Sabani Scholarship Fund 2015
Toni Ferrara Scholarship Fund 2015
Wendy Engelberg Scholarship Fund 2015
Joanne Richards Scholarship Fund 2015
Denise Seymour Scholarship Fund 2014
John Ker Scholarship Fund 2014
Allen Palad Scholarship Fund 2014
Mike and Robin McGuire Scholarship Fund 2014

Join the Donor Paceline

What is a paceline? In cycling, riders are able to form a tight rolling line with each rider in turn taking short “pulls” at the front while the others are able to shelter from the wind saving energy. In this way, each rider in a paceline is able to cover ground much faster than a solo rider while expending the same amount of energy.

By donating you become a member of the SoCal League Paceline helping us work together to continue to provide the best and safest cycling programs for young athletes in our high schools.  The league is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, all donations are 100% tax deductible.

Short Track ($1-99), Cross Country ($100–249), Marathon ($250-499), World Cup ($500–999), World Champion ($1000-4999), Founder ( $5000+)
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