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The 2021 SoCal League WRMB (wor-em-be) Challenge!!!

What’s a WRMB Challenge? Well, as most of you already know, the league’s roots are in racing. That said, the SoCal League has always pushed the idea of being a “Well-Rounded Mountain Biker.”  The WRMB (pronounced wor-em-be) Challenge is the manifestation of our culture turned into a game that can be played throughout the season.

Here is how it works…

The challenge will take place within each team with teams split up into squads when necessary in order to meet “gathering requirements” that the government has put into place. Squads will consist of 2-3 coaches and no more than eight student-athletes (so that there will never be more than 10 squad members — including two coaches — at a practice). Mandatorily, squads will be led by AT LEAST one Level 2 coach, though it is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to have a Level 3 coach in charge of each squad. 

The Challenge consists of five categories, each with five achievements that you can complete. The first four categories are: Climbing, Distance, Vista, and All-Around. The fifth category, the Magic category, is a mystery. It’s rumored that Easter Egg Achievements unlock as specific things are spotted in the stories, photos, and videos shared with us by squads and individuals. By extension, the more that is shared with us the more likely it is that an achievement may unlock…hint hint.

The challenge begins on January 1, 2021 and ends on April 20, 2021. Only achievements completed in this time frame will count.

The primary coach on each squad will be keeping a record of progress and completion of achievement for each rider and coach (yes, coaches will be out on the training rides and are also eligible to participate). Independent riders must have a parent/guardian track and submit for them. For each achievement there is a custom icon (see below). At the conclusion of the challenge on April 20th, a simple form will be provided via this page for coaches to submit all achievements accomplished by themselves and or their riders. All submissions must be made by April 25th. Each participating coach and rider will receive a custom WRMB Challenge number plate with their name and team by mid-May. Stickers for each achievement completed for each rider and coach will also be provided.

All NICA-sanctioned activities, such as NICA Team Practices, Races, Teen Trail Corps Activities, GRiT Activities and Camps incorporate NICA values and follow NICA policies, rules, standards and guidelines. Any riding outside of NICA is not a NICA sanctioned activity and therefore is not covered by NICA insurance. WRMB Challenge Achievements completed outside of team practice will count toward the WRMB Challenge but these are not NICA-sanctioned activities. Any riding outside of NICA is under the guidance and supervision of parents and guardians.

Information about the specific requirements for each achievement can be found by clicking the icons below.

With so much being “virtual” these days, we are asking that squads submit photos, videos, stories, songs, poems, and skits about the challenges! We will be sharing these on social media, in newsletters, and on this page so that the extended SoCal League FAMILY can feel united. We can’t wait to see the smiles on face as coaches and kids accomplish these feats!

Coaches! HERE is a downloadable tracking form you can use to easily capture which achievements the riders and coaches in your squad have completed through the challenge. This will make it EASY to submit at the conclusion of the challenge. We STILL NEED your submissions below during the season though 🙂


“What Goes Up”
“Because It’s There”
“Operation Skyfall”
“Major Tom”
“Basin And Range Province”
“Surfin’ Safari”
“Plenty in the tank”
“Ford the River”
“There and back again”
“Shaka Bruh”
“The Sun Gate”
“Look for the green Flash”
“Lycan The bike”
“I scream, You scream”
“Can you dig It?”
“I’m the app for that”
“Dirt Zone Cartographer”
“Course de la Vérité”
“I Can Yelp You”
“The Completionist”

WRMB Challenge

Something rad showed up in the mail today! We’ll be sorting and mailing the WRMB stickers out this week. We were stoked to place such a big order of stickers based on submissions. 🤩 #wrmbchallenge

Something rad showed up in the mail today! We’ll be sorting and mailing the WRMB stickers out this week. We were stoked to place such a big order of stickers based on submissions. 🤩 #wrmbchallenge ...

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We may be in smaller groups but we are still all part of a huge community. We encourage you to actively engage in that community by sharing the many incredible things that you and or your team are accomplishing this season as you chip away at the challenge. Be sure to use #WRMBChallenge when making your post be it here or via social media. Oh and in case you had not noticed some of the challenge achievements are hidden.

HINT HINT Submissions may be the key to unlocking Easter Egg Achievements.